Upholstery Cleaning

If your upholstery needs to be cleaned, contact Mission Tile And Carpet Care for an estimate. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service in the area while making your upholstery look fresh and clean. Instead of scrubbing your own upholstered furniture, let our family-owned and operated business do it for you and enjoy the following benefits.

Your furniture represents a financial investment and very possibly has meaningful family associations, as well. We understand your desire to protect your investment and maintain quality furniture that has helped to create wonderful memories. To ensure safe and healthy use of your upholstered furnishings, our skilled technicians are trained to remove allergens like dust and pet dander, along with potential or actual mold growth. Why spend time learning how to clean the upholstery correctly and buying equipment as well as supplies, when we can do the work at a fraction of the cost and time?

Upholstery Cleaning

Our experienced and professional technicians have the know-how to do a good job and leave the premises in good order, without mess or cleanup for the owners. They’re trained in industry-based techniques to clean and sanitize upholstered furniture to make it more attractive and maintain its functionality.

Using superior cleaning strategies and industry-approved equipment, our technicians will clean and freshen your upholstery so that it looks almost new again. Expert techniques and products excellent results and ensure customer satisfaction.

Contact us for more information. You will love our outstanding customer service policies along with beautifully clean upholstery.

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